About Me 

         I have lived in the mid- Willamette Valley since 1981, in Corvallis since 1989.  Since 2000, I have been an attorney based in Corvallis, providing legal services in real estate law, business law, estate planning, and construction law, as well as other practice areas.

      Before beginning my career in law, I enjoyed a 15 year career as a professional forester in the private sector of Western Oregon’s timber industry.  During those years, I gained invaluable experience with the workings of the business world generally, but particularly as it relates to land, natural resources, and the environment, and the impact of those things on people and families.

     In 1997 I entered law school at Willamette University in Salem, and graduated 5th academically in the class of 2000.  Since then I have practiced law primarily in the Corvallis and Albany areas, but I also serve clients throughout the Willamette Valley and the Central Coast, and as far away as Seattle and Medford.  I am currently a solo practitioner with an office in downtown Corvallis.

      One of the main reasons I decided to begin a career in law is that I recognized a need for skilled attorneys who could bring real life experience, and an appreciation for the needs of the clients, from a personal as well as legal perspective, to the practice of law. That's what I do. You will not see any leather-tassled shoes or insincere smiles in my office, nor will you be billed $50 for every phone call or email.  I've always believed that approach is not conducive to  the successful, professional, practice of law.  With me, you are assured of receiving top-quality, reasonably-priced legal services, in a user-friendly, comfortable setting. 

     When I am not working I enjoy photography, gardening, hiking, skiing, travel, and generally just living on an acre in the wondrous Willamette Valley, with my two teenage sons, our dog and cat, and an aquarium full of colorful fish.